Water Treatment Technologies

Just better water…One satisfied customer at a time.

Reverse osmosis

Better Tasting Water

Want better tasting drinking water? With our Reverse Osmosis System that removes sediments and bad tasting chemicals from your water, you’re sure to have clean water for you and your family.

Cleaner Water

You work out to be healthy. Your water quality should keep you healthy, too! Our filtration devices improve the quality of your water by removing sediments, leaving your water clean to drink, cook and clean with, and bathe in.

Water softener

Softer Water

Wondering why you’d want soft water? Soft water is better for your skin and hair, and leaves your dishes and glassware cleaner, and prevents build up on your plumbing fixtures.

Why use Water Treatment Technologies?

Water Treatment Technologies, Inc. (Water Treatment Technologies) is owned by Robin and Andrea “Andi” Pettyjohn. Robin has been working in the water treatment industry for over 50 years (Andi says that, like his father before him, if you cut him, he’ll bleed water).

It wasn’t long after Robin and Andi moved to Phoenix, Arizona that Robin saw a great need for better quality water and better quality water service. They started Water Treatment Technologies, Inc. in January of 1992, concentrating on providing the best water treatment service possible. They then expanded to equipment sales and rentals, as their customer base increased.

Our business has been a success in large part because of our efforts to bring the small town attitude of personalized service, hard work, and ethical business practices to the big city.

We pride ourselves at problem solving water treatment equipment issues when you need them solved, not days or weeks later, and ensuring your system is properly maintained so you don’t need to take advantage of our 24×7 emergency water treatment services.

Water Treatment Technologies (WTT) has many different ways to provide you with high quality water for your home or business. Whether you are looking for service on your existing water treatment equipment, want to buy or rent a new system, or just want to find out if you need water treatment, Water Treatment Technologies has what you need.

Want to improve the water quality in your home? Let’s talk about your needs and how we might help. Call us today at (602) 275-8280 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you to set up an appointment!

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