Ultra Violet Light

What does Ultra Violet light have to do with water?

Using a Ultra Violet (UV) light water treatment system is known to be an effective disinfectant due to its strong germicidal (inactivating) ability. UV light disinfects water containing bacteria and viruses and can be effective against protozoans such as Giardia lamblia cysts or Cryptosporidium oocysts. UV has been used commercially for many years in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage, and electronics industries.

Water Treatment Technologies has ultraviolet systems available in a wide range of sizes and accessories to meet any customer application.

It’s important to maintain your UV light water treatment system as material can build up on the glass sleeve, thus reducing the light intensity and the effectiveness of treatment.

We service all makes and models of ultraviolet systems. To ensure the water you’re drinking is free from contaminants and germs, take advantage of our bulb replacement and preventive maintenance program.