Preventive Maintenance

No matter what type, make, or model of water treatment system you have, it needs maintenance to increase its lifespan and ensure proper function.

Here’s a general recommendation on how to maintain just a few of the most common water treatment systems:

Reverse Osmosis Systems – We recommend an annual filter change on your reverse osmosis system regardless of how much you use it.  With our warm water in Phoenix, bacteria can grow in the filter housings, even though the filters may still be in good shape. In addition to changing the filters, we sanitize the system, check the tank pressure and test the membrane.

To help you out, we’ll send you reminders when it’s time to change your filters.  Some higher use commercial systems may require a more frequent change.

Drinking Fountains – We recommend cleaning the condenser of the unit annually to help the compressor last longer.  If the unit has a filter, we clean the unit when we do the filter change.

Commercial Applications – Commercial needs are different and can be very specific. We understand that so we’ll talk with you about what’s the best preventive maintenance program for your business so we ensure we meet your needs.